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Kolapo Sogbetun

Principal Partner/Notary Public

Kolapo obtained his honours degree in Economics from the University of Lagos in 1986 and worked for a short while as a trainee accountant. He thereafter started a masters degree in economics in the University of Lagos, before switching to the law faculty in 1987. He finished with an honours degree in 1990, and was called to the bar thereafter.

Experienced in Civil and Criminal Litigation, Kolapo Sogbetun Esq. has also written research papers for presentation at different seminars on Money Laundering and Loot Transfers in the Nigerian Economy, How to repair the Nigerian Economy, Legal and Tax aspects of Venture Capital Investment amongst others. He is the current Executive Director of Network for Youth Development and Transparency Project and of the Nigerian Current Law Journal.

Kolapo Sogbetun Esq. has attended several Seminars on continuing legal education abroad e.g. Reducing corruption to Zero Level World wide in Oxford, U.K, Negotiation and Drafting of International Commercial Agreement, Loan Syndication: Laws, Procedures and documentation.